Vital Signs

Dr. David Swanson’s new book, Vital Signs, answers one basic question: Why is it that so many people profess faith in Jesus Christ yet do not live out the joyous, abundant life He promised? Where is the disconnect?

People are hungry for a spiritual life in Christ that is deeply satisfying and real. They yearn to live that life among others who share that same hunger, yet they bounce from church to church, unable to sustain themselves or find others who can help them do so. Disillusioned, people are in search of authentic Christian living.

Vital Signs will present an examination of the problem. It will also serve to highlight certain core elements that are present in people who live healthy Christian lives and in churches which have created healthy Christian communities. Each chapter will address the problems in practical, real world ways, identify possible causes as well as solutions, and provide helpful application for both individuals and churches. It is intended to challenge people to increase the spiritual disciplines necessary for creating such health while also assisting church leaders and pastors in evaluating the current health of their ministries.

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Study Guide

For help with individual or group study of Vital Signs, Dr. Swanson has provided questions for study and discussion of each chapter. Click here for the free Study Guide.

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